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Maple Baker’s Board

11 Jun 2014 / in Betzy's, Wood Art Collection

UPDATE: This item has been sold. For the professional pastry chef or the home gourmet, this solid Baker’s Board is useful, beautiful, and unique. This Board features cleats to keep the board in place on your workspace, the one-of-a kind grain variation of select ambrosia maple, and it’s reversible! Made of locally farmed ambrosia maple […]


Stacked Bowls


The usefulness of these solid walnut bowls is limited only by your imagination. Finished with our own food-safe Natural Conditioning Cream, a locally sourced blend of mineral oil and beeswax, these pieces of art can be used for serving, storage, display, or decor. 11″ x 6″ Bring this wood art home by visiting our retailers […]


Carved Walnut Bowl – Square

sq bowl 16

A sibling of our Carved Walnut Bowl, this Square Bowl was conceived with simplicity in mind. However, flip it over and you quickly get a sense this bowl is not just for serving or even decorating. It is a piece of art. The carving detail showcases the beauty of the solid walnut wood grain. Finished […]


Wine Serving Tray in Rustic Oak

tray 19
10 Jun 2014 / in Betzy's, Wood Art Collection

For the romantic dinner for two or an evening with friends. This unique Serving Tray features: carved handles for easy carrying space for hors d’oeuvres centre inset for wine bottle spot for the cork Crafted of locally grown red oak, this piece was finished with an organic process (no stain here!) highlighting the natural tone […]


Organic Bowl


The organic shape of this art bowl lets the beauty of the walnut shine through. As always, this piece was hand crafted in Canada of locally farmed wood, and finished with our own food safe Natural Conditioning Cream. 13″ x 4 1/2″ x 1 3/4″ Bring this wood art home by visiting our retailers here:¬†Where […]


End Grain Butcher Block with Scoop

scooped staged wood 4
27 May 2014 / in Betzy's, Wood Art Collection

Whether you are a professional chef or love to entertain, this End Grain Butcher Block will satisfy all your needs. 100% Canadian Made of solid Hard Brown Maple, this Butcher Block is one of a kind due to the natural signatures existing in its distinct grain definition. This work of art is quite at home […]


Sandwich Boards

small 6

Every once in a while we all get a stroke of genius. Ours came a few months back with this idea. A sandwich plate… shaped like a sandwich! It was a fun idea we all fell immediately in love with and we hope you do too. We have 4 different combinations to start with using […]


Walnut Bakers Board with Cherry Inlay

04 Nov 2013 / in Wood Art Collection

Often it’s the simple things that are most beautiful. Take this Baker’s Board for instance. The only materials are 2″ inch solid Walnut, and an elegant Cherry spline. Makes for a beautiful piece though doesn’t it? And although it is far from simple to produce, we enjoy what we do, and we love seeing the […]


Carved Walnut Bowl

08 Oct 2013 / in Wood Art Collection

In designing this bowl we had simplicity in mind. Functional yet artistic. I think we found the balance. Whether you use this bowl as a serving dish or just for decorating, you will enjoy the fact that it is solid Walnut.


Fluid Walnut Sink

08 Oct 2013 / in Betzy's, Wood Art Collection

A few months back we were approached by a colleague with an interesting request from a client. Wood Sinks. Although we had never made one before, we loved the idea. After much research, design revisions and hard work, we are proud to present our first sink design.