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Natural Conditioning Cream

10 Feb 2015 / 0 Comments / in Betzy's, Care & How-To

Our superior blend of only 100% natural mineral oil and locally farmed beeswax are the perfect combination to care for all your wood products. While the oil penetrates deep into the grain to preserve the wood, the wax adds a protective layer giving you a longer lasting finish. This 3oz. jar of cream is food […]


Tapas Plate&Coaster

tapas 17
05 Jan 2015 / in Betzy's, Wood Art Collection

It may look like an ordinary wood coaster but turn it over and not only does it fit perfectly on the top of your wine glass, it’s scooped out to make a plate for hors d’oeuvres!(Tapas) hence the name “TAPAS” plate&coaster. We chose our favourite wood pieces, with the most figure and character, so each […]


Fluid Walnut Sink

08 Oct 2013 / in Betzy's, Wood Art Collection

A few months back we were approached by a colleague with an interesting request from a client. Wood Sinks. Although we had never made one before, we loved the idea. After much research, design revisions and hard work, we are proud to present our first sink design.